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Thank you for stopping by 🙂 A little about me, I am 29 years old, I live in North London  with my husband Sam, our little french bulldog Frank and our beautiful daughter Sophia (born 05.07.2017)
This blog includes my pregnancy journey and all about being a first time mummy, my tips/hacks and what I have learnt along the way so far.  I am not an extreme ‘earth mother’ however I do like using natural, organic products for both myself and baby. Nutrition is very important in our family (although of course we often slip off the band wagon). This is an honest blog, I am not going to put anything on my baby that I don’t like or am unsure of.

I came up with the blog title ‘Milk it Mama’ because Sam and I have always said to take from life what we want, live life to the full and to always be planning our next adventure. We are very aware that we are only a tiny part of the world and we have explored different places and cultures but we have so much more exploring to do with our little one. Every occasion and milestone is worth celebrating and currently it is my new role as being a mummy which I love. Why should we live life to work and earn money that you can’t enjoy? So milk life for what it is worth.

So many new parents moan about how sleep deprived and how difficult it can be but I hope you find this blog optimistic, positive and uplifting. I am not saying it is easy all the time but what’s moaning about it going to do? Also, it’s all about how well you look winging it 😉

I hope you enjoy reading. I love hearing from people who have enjoyed reading and always interested in meeting new people and going to events or trying out products but as I said above I will only try products that will be good for myself and baby.  If you would like to get in contact to formally OR informally my email address is Izzy_w5@hotmail.com.

Love always



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