Wedding Make-up

I am so excited to share with you all a little snippet of my incredibly special day. There will be a lot more posts around my wedding but for my first blog I wanted to do a beauty edit.

I have always been interested in make-up, I am so proud of us as women to have created something so creative and genius that we have incorporated into everyday life and not just the types that like to experiment and look glamorous every day but for those that just want to have a little more confident and shine in their own way. I have played with make-up since I can remember but like most of us that were born before the millennial’s were, we experimented in our youthful years with thick black eyeliner, bright pink circles for blusher and foundation that was either 3 shades lighter or darker than our skin tone. Not like today’s youth (god I sound like a grandma!) but it’s true, everyone knows how to contour, winged eyeliner and create different looks like ‘soft glam’.

I taught myself by looking at makeup tutorials, attending classes and just working out what worked and didn’t with my own face and friends. You know your own face better than anyone and you will feel comfortable if you know exactly how you like to look, so if you can do your own make-up for your wedding day, I would highly suggest it but practice, practice, practice!

My top tips would be:

  1. The obvious… cleanse, moisturise and use a serum
    I use NUXE shimmer oil as a serum , I love it in all seasons.
  2. Prime your face and eyelids
    I used Chanel ‘Illuminating Base’ And used Urban Decays potion in Eden on my eyelids.
  3. Eyeshadow
    Use small circular motions for your eyeshadow and avoid any harsh lines
  4. Blend Blend and Blend
    Use a flat brush and a blending sponge to make sure everything is nicely blended. you do have to wear more make-up to make sure it lasts and shows up in photos so you don’t want this to be visible, blend into your face and neck for a smooth look.
  5. Don’t look ‘cakey’
    I did contour and bake BUT my skin can take a lot of make up so if you are fair skinned I would trial it out with much lighter colours and build it up. I used Ben Nye Banana powder to bake in this video but I actually only used Nars translucent powder on the day but both would work depending what look you want to go for.
    Also, don’t put foundation under your eyes, leave a space for your concealer only
  6. Have a face spritz ready.
    As I got married in the summer I used Urban Decays Chill Spray which cools your face down
  7. Lipstick
    I loved my lipstick, it was the perfect shade. It took me ages to find and because I  left it quite last minute in the end to actually choose one, I went for NARS Liquid lip glide in ‘Stripped’. Application is smooth and easy and it looks natural with a slight sheen. Unfortunately though when I kissed Sam at the alter – it went on his lips!! I had to apply a few times through the evening too. SO, I would advise to wear it as much as possible before and practice, otherwise this might happen:
  8. Have fun!
    Finally, just have fun! No, not with loads of shimmer and glitter and get a bit happy with your highlighter but just do what feels right. Don’t over complicate it, you know your face and you know what looks good so just go with that. Your natural bridal glow will take over your face anyway.


Love Always,

Izzy xxx




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