Autumn Must-Haves

Dry, flakey, pale, cracked, sore… these are just a few words that are all too familiar once the colder months hit. I feel I need an army beauty squad around me to help my skin fight all the negatives and difficulties. During the summer, I can forget to moisturise  and my skin will be soft, glowing and dewey but Autumn and Winter is quite the opposite and my skin is very prone to drying out.

  1. Body Moisturiser
    Firstly is the miracle of Body Shops’s Hawaiian Kukui body cream, it is by far my saviour for nourishing my dry skin all over my body. My best friend, Hannah bought this for me in a big beauty hamper before I got married (in August) and I am already almost out. I LOVE It. moisteriserThe moisturiser is thick and creamy but not too thick to not be absorbed into the skin to make it smooth and radiant which is almost impossible for my skin, yet once I have moisturised I can’t stop stroking my legs. It’s £23 and for how much you get I think this is a very reasonable price.
  2. Foot-creamfoot cream.jpgNext up is again, Body Shops ‘Africa Honey & Beeswax Hands and Foot Butter’ After I have moisturised I put this on my feet, ankles and rub into my hands. It is so buttery and again easily absorbs into the skin to make sure your feet are soft and gets rid of any cracked bits which is incredible as most of us know how stubborn the skin on feet can be. My feet are like hobbit feet at the best of times, I know they are bad as my husband always tells me so this is another Autumn must have for me!
  3. Face SerumDSCF1501.jpgThis really is a PRO – Serum. It is very oily which I love but I know some people don’t. It  sinks into the skin to leave a radiant glow. I use it before I moisturise and after I cleanse and I put literally two drops on my hand and tap it into my skin. It is pricey at £49 for 30 ml but I will be re-buying it after I have used every last bit of this sample size as it lasts and makes my skin incredible.
  4. Face Scrubface scrub.jpgObviously, there needs to be some prep before you add the creams and serums on top and exfoliating your skin once or twice a week is necessary. I have many different scrubs but I find this one is gentle yet effective and it really does get rid of any blemishes, it has small beads amongst a buttery cream. I bought this in France and re-buy it every time I am over, however you can actually get it in the UK at pharmacy’s and Boots/Superdrug at a reasonable price of £11-15.
  5. Lip Balmlips.pngWe all know we need something for our chapped lips and my favourite before I apply any lip primer and lipstick is my EVE LOM Kiss Mix. I got this last year for Christmas so it has lasted a whole year almost.
  6. Eye Creameye cream.jpgEven though your face skin may be dry, under your eyes is still a delicate area and you should always apply an eye cream rather than moisturiser. I use this Clinique Pep-start morning and night and lightly pat it under my eyes. It softens the area, reduces lines and I like to think it makes my eyes look less dark (i get dark circles easily).
  7. Face Tantan gel.jpgLast but not least, this overnight tan face mask by James Read. It is a gel consistency and applies evenly over your skin, you won’t be able to see it at all and in the morning it is a real natural glow, not a fake tan at all. It’s great to keep that holiday glow during the winter months and so easy as you don’t have to worry about it developing in a few hours, just wash your face in the morning.

So that is my Autumn essentials which also takes me into the winter with soft, glowing skin. If you have any questions please ask below.

Love Always,



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