DIY: Renovating IKEA Chest of Drawers for the Nursery

We bought this chest of drawers around 4 years ago and it is great as it is sturdy and large with 4 large, deep draws and 4 underwear draws. It has done the trick over the years BUT although, it is a lovely chest of draws, people know it is IKEA and now that we are becoming a larger family we need to think nursery.

We are still keeping the bottom draws for Sam and I’s clothes and we brought another chest of drawers from for our room but the rest of the draws are for the new arrival!

I don’t like the whole ‘pink for girls’ and ‘blue for boys’ I think children should be allowed to make up their mind what colour they like without any prejudice or pressures from society. So, we have decided to go very neutral in the nursery. Excuse the mess in the nursery, we have massively de-cluttered and is now very minimal.

So here is the original blue chest of drawers:


Frank obviously wanted to get involved too…always so helpful


Although we chose to go neutral it doesn’t have to be boring so I wanted to go for a shabby chic look. I choose two pastel colours which were both Valspar from B&Q. I asked for a duck egg blue match similar to a Deluxe colour and they did this in 2 minutes which was great. I used this as my base colour, the bottom coat was quite light and you can see once the top coat is applied it is quite a vibrant colour, however unfortunately the colour won’t show that much on the final piece as you will see



The second stage was a crackle glaze paint, you can buy it online pretty easy and it is very cheap – around £10 which was enough to cover the whole chest of draws. I haven’t got any photos of this stage as it sets clear and you can’t see it so no point showing you. Read the instructions but you paint it on downwards and the top coat goes on in the opposite direction, this is very important.

I then used the Valspar paint ‘hush’ which is a very slight blush but more white shade to go over the top, this was only one layer as it reacted with the crackle glaze so you don’t want to over do it. The knobs are from Zara home and I am thinking I may just paint the other knobs I had a cream shade for the other draws or mix and match, I am not sure yet. But this is the final effect and I am so so happy with the outcome. I would pay a lot of money for a nursery piece like this and all in all this cost me £36 (Paint pot was £15 each for a litre, knobs were £2.99 for two and the crackle glaze was actually from my godfather who had it sat in his house for years!)


I hope you enjoyed and please let me know your thoughts. I will be uploading more of my DIY nursery projects soon.

Love Always,




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