Top 6 Things to know about being pregnant (second trimester)

As I am well into my second trimester, I am finally over the nausea/sickness and complete lack of energy and motivation.. hurrah! I think this is the best bit of the pregnancy as it is in between the first horrible 12 weeks and the next stage of being uncomfortably big and unable to move so I am milking my moment (probably not the best use of words but you get the drift).

There is a few things no-one told me about pregnancy and that I couldn’t find anything online apart from tongue-in-cheek videos so had to take them seriously and was like ok, phew this does happen to other women. I wanted to write a blog on my experiences and the hings to expect. It isn’t all glowing unfortunately but I don’t think women should walk into pregnancy not knowing the truths as you will only freak out like I did. This obviously will not apply to all women but if it does then hopefully it will settle your nerves that it is perfectly normal during pregnancy.

    All men that were reading this blog have swiftly clicked off this blog post so we can get started on the real life aspects of harvesting a child. You MAY have an increased amount of discharge, some women don’t have this and oh lucky for you! For me, I have to now wear panty liners and feel like I have weed myself regularly only to find a small milky (sometimes no colour) orderless spot of liquid in my knickers. IF you have anything other than this then go to your doctor as you may have an infection but an increased amount of normal looking discharge is perfectly normal. It may help you to understand the reason why, your cervix is forming and strengthening to keep your baby safe and warm in the womb.
  2. PAIN
    I thought pregnancy was all fluffy and as my husband says you just get a bit fat. Nope, it also comes with constant little niggley pains and discomforts. It’s just the uterus stretching and making way for growing baby and the pains are not terrible, just very different from anything you have felt before. They are not like period pains but like a small jabbing sensation from the inside out. Obviously this will be nothing compared to contractions and giving birth but just another thing that is unexpected and something I did not realise was quite frequent. The first time I felt these pains  I was sure something wasn’t right but it is perfectly normal. If you get similar pains and cramps to periods – go to your doctor or midwife immediately. In saying that I do get a light cramping sensation in my lower back. Midwifes do a little scaremongering by saying anything similar to periods is bad but then when you mention the pain the say everything is fine so remember they have to give you this information and watch out for signs for worst case scenario. Let the midwifes do the worrying for you.
  3. HAIRY
    I am dark haired and olive skinned so I am used to being ‘hairy’, I am a tiny bit worried my baby will come out with an uno brow but there are worse things in life. If like me, you have dark hair be aware you may find it getting even darker! I have had a hairy belly and now there is a snail trail getting darker. I get so worried when I show people my belly thats their first thought. However, I really don’t care anymore – I am about to move on to the positives of pregnancy so you will see for me, these outweigh the negatives and I am enjoying the whole process. It’s just yet another thing I was not aware of and had to find out during pregnancy.
  4. I am a GODDESS
    I currently have the shiniest hair, glowing flawless skin, strong nails (my nail technician thought I got acrylics done without her! (I have shellac only)) and my boobs are full and so much bigger, I have never had big boobs and actually always liked having small ones but now I never want to go back to small and Sam loves them! As I mentioned before this is the stage where I have energy and don’t feel uncomfortably big so I have been going for dinners and drinks (mocktails) although I do get incredibly tired around 10.30pm and struggle to stay awake. If you don’t have great skin, it can go the other way, don’t fear just moisturise up and use oil. I will be doing a blog post on my top pregnancy beauty products so watch out for that as this may be part of the reason I feel so great! I am loving getting ready as I get to show off my growing bump, wear minimal make-up to show off my glow and I feel wonderful. Its a beautiful thing, the female body seizes to amaze me, it truly is incredible and I love how my body is looking more and more pregnant. If you are an agent and reading this, yes I am available for all hair commercials and flexible with when and where… not bendy flexible although I am working on that which leads me nicely on to my next point…
  5. Pre-natal PILATES
    I have recently brought Caroline Sandry Prenatal Plates ‘Tone & Tighten’ off Amazon. (Click here to get yours) I have been doing it almost every day and I love it. I used to do yoga and I could touch my toes standing up and as soon as you stop you become far less bendy so I can already see I am getting better again. It is very low intensity so you can do it at any stage but it still is working you. It is great for getting ready for labour, stretching, keeping fit and relaxing with the breathing techniques. I also walk twice a day, I listen to opera music whilst reading and studying (there is scientific studies that say your baby will be more intelligent if you listen to opera music) I also am about to learn a language as the first two years of life is the best time to learn a another language but it may take them longer to speak. I have also always wanted to learn another language so taking advantage of the fact I am freelancing and I am not in stressful situations like work, meetings and travelling on London transport. Pilates is also great for any level, I am upping the  exercises by repeating the whole circuit twice but for beginners just do it once.
    “Sam, Sam quick – I can feel the baby moving!” *Lets out huge fart* “Don’t come in, it was just gas”
    This happens frequently. I have not felt these so called ‘flutters’ and don’t freak out if you haven’t. Firstly I was told I have a ‘frontal placenta’ which means the placenta absorbs most of the movements but if it was at the back then I would feel more so I will have to wait until it is bigger and stronger. Secondly, every pregnancy is different and some people are just more aware of their bodies than others. Don’t listen to anyone else unless it is support.

So, overall it is not all glowing and beautiful but it is still the most incredible thing you will ever go through and I am enjoying and embracing every change my body is going through. I hope that if anyone is planning on getting pregnant or is currently pregnant you can be rest assured you are totally normal if you have any of the above symptoms. It would be great to hear from you if you have or if you have any other symptoms I haven’t written about.

Love Always


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