DIY Nursery Project No.2

After completing the chest of drawers (DIY: Renovating IKEA Chest of Drawers for the Nursery) I wanted to keep with the neural tone but with a slight pop of colours and interest on the wall. I also realised how much I LOVE a DIY project!


I have wanted to have a feature wall and I have always been fascinated by the solar system and galaxy and beyond. It makes me think how important it is to enjoy every bit of your life because in the grand scheme of everything we are so small so our little worlds are our everything to us. I loved the idea of stars falling in to the room. I also find stars very calming. So I chose to use the same base colour I used on the chest of drawers the mint green shade which comes up slightly different on the white wall but I love the pastel colour. I also choose a mustard gold shade to be the other pop of colour and for my shooting star.

So how did I do it? Very simple – I created a template on Photoshop and cut out the stars to create a stencil. I did this a few times on different material, card and plastic were the best.


I moved the stencil around where I wanted the stars to be, I didn’t want it to look contrived so made it random. I only did the green stars at first.
1. Tape down your stencil each time you move it, using special wall tape.
This way your stars won’t get smudged.
2. Dab don’t stroke. Make sure you dab, dab dab a little bit of paint on to your star. Always wipe excess paint off and build up as you cannot remove too much paint.


I am not going to lie…this is VERY time consuming and you need a lot of patience, I painted over 100 stars!

I then started with the yellow stars and I had a separate stencil for the shooting star


And that is it. I am over the moon (excuse the pun) with the result. I think the nursery is looking just how I imagined and all my searching on Pinterest for inspiration paid off. I will be introducing some more pops of colour as it is very neutral. Although I don’t like the pink for girls and blue for boys I think a less obvious colour scheme should be included, perhaps a dusty pink or light orange shade. What do you think?

Here is my nursery at the moment:


I love my lampshade and matching changing bed from Jo Jo Maman Bebe I will definitely be purchasing more from this shop!

I hope you enjoyed.
Love Always




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