The Baby Show: Excel London 2017

My sister, brother-in-law and myself went to The Baby show at the Excel on Saturday, Sam didn’t fancy it because he hates being sold to and lots of crying babies ( I don’t really blame him). We are most probably going to go for a Mama’s and Papa’s bundle deal so I was not looking for anything big that I would need his opinion on. My sister is a week behind me in pregnancy and so we are practically in sync with our journey which is wonderful and I cannot wait to see the two cousins growing up together so close in age!

The show was great! I highly recommend it for mamas to be or if you have children. There  was lots of concessions covering clothes, accessories, prams, slings, cool tech bits and much more. It’s a good place to learn about parent things or see things you didn’t think existed. I was recommended a pregnancy pillow from a friend that went last year and it has been a god send. Everything is discounted which is nice to know you have a bit of saving because as I now know, becoming a parent is not cheap!

On my list was a sling, I was really keen on going for a material sling as I think they look like part of your clothing so good for all weather and won’t cut into you anywhere. There was lots of the bulky ones but I did find a couple of material stretchy slings. The one that caught my eye was by a brand called ‘We Made Me’ it had a lightweight mesh,  breathable material and had a multi-way so you can adjust as your baby grows. I had a demonstration from a lovely lady in the below photo and she demonstrated how I can wear it for everyday carrying or breastfeeding. I had lots of questions which she answered well and I was very happy. My questions and her answers were:

  1. Will the material get to hot for the baby? 
    No, it is a light breathable material which is good in the heat or cold, however in saying that it is not designed for cold or really hot weather so always check the babies temperature and adjust their clothing.
  2. Is this sling good for the back?
    Yes, it is a really supportive and takes a lot os the weight. The pretend baby you are currently holding is the same weight as a 3 month year old baby and how does it feel?
    *I can confirm it is amazing how much weight the sling takes as the baby felt so light compared to not being in the sling.
  3. How long can I use the sling? 
    Up to 6 months, from 3 months on you might want to wear the sling on your back.
  4. I have heard the legs swinging is not good for a new born, how does this sling work for that issue? 
    You are able to tuck the baby legs into the bottom of the sling until 3 months
  5. How safe is it? 
    It is fully supportive and the material is designed to be stretch so that it can hold the weight. If I undo your knot here, you can still hold the baby safely without it unravelling at all.
    *I can confirm once the knot was untied, you did feel the bow being untied but the baby was still fully supported and no chance of it falling out, I then did up the bow easily.


It will take a few attempts to perfect the tying method but I can see it is not difficult and the blue line helps you pull each side up easily without being confused. Ican do a tutorial blog on this if it will be helpful? Let me know in the comments below.

My sister and her husband were looking at prams and did get some help although, I would advise you do research before and have a rough idea of what you want and why with only a few questions to ask as it is very busy and some of the people on the stands don’t fully know everything about the products. There was a pram runway which included concrete, grass and a ribbed walkway so you can test the pram in different conditions.

I brought a few handy things for Baby, the first was a ‘baby gro’ or in this case a ‘baby snug’ which is a new technique to swaddling, it has the option to button the sleeves so the arms stay inside the blanket. It’s like a sleeping bag for newborns. This prevents them scratching themselves or moving the blanket on their face. Its much easier as all you do is put them in it and not worry about it being too tight or not tight enough. Its from a company called The Gro Company and they do loads of amazing designs and other bits and pieces too. I went for a pretty simple design but I just really like neutral shades! I will get another funky one too though.


I didn’t want to get baby clothes as I have been told to wait for the baby shower as you have so much clothes you won’t get to use it all! However, I saw these super cute pants which reminded me of mini yoga pants. I got them in blue even thought we are having a girl (sorry I haven’t done a big announcement post on that but yes we are having a baby girl!) I really like the idea of getting rid of any stereotypes such as girls only wearing pink pretty things, don’t get me wrong it is exciting and fun dressing them girlie but I also like dressing them neutrally or in ‘boy clothes’ too. These were made out of Bamboo and were so soft, only £8 and eco friendly! win win.


This was a cool gadget that I picked up. It literally does what it is says on the box. You plug into the nursery and it lights up to tell you the right temperature of the room. s0121897_223

It also has shells which are very cute, I didn’t buy one on Saturday as I couldn’t decide on the cute monkey or owl. I got a saving on the egg so I can buy the shell separately. I am swaying towards owl as it is a night owl asleep. The monkey could be slightly scary.


My mum brought me a small pregnancy gift set from Mama Mio which included a face wash, leg cream and tummy cream for stretch marks. I fell in love with the products and the face wash went far too quickly. I haven’t used the leg cream as I haven’t needed yet but the products smell divine and apply really nicely. The face wash actually makes my face glow and the tummy cream feels so lovely and thick but absorbs really well. The best bit is there is no nasties. I am very cautious of what goes into my body and so I do also care about what goes on top too. I went to the Mama Mio stand and because I was blogging they gave me a big face wash which was amazing! I will also feature on their website soon so i’ll keep you updated with that. You can purchase their products here.


Lastly, there was loads of cool concessions and one thing that got me so excited was this mini Vespa for children with a pink seat! I will definitely be buying this for my girl once she is old enough!! I loved it.


I hope you enjoyed my blog and it has inspired you to attend next year, all details are here.


Love Always,



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