Skincare during pregnancy


Hello Everyone,

Whether you are a mummy to be, a mummy already or just like natural products to help nourish, protect and give you a radiant glow please continue reading about my daily skincare routine.

I tend to use a myriad of products on my skin depending what my skin needs. Usually I have oily/normal skin and the odd breakout but all in all, I am very lucky with my skin. I have various scrubs and face masks for what my skin needs, for example – creamy mask for nourishing dry skin, a radiance mask for dull skin or a clay mask for pores and breakouts. Since I have been pregnant I have altered my daily skincare routine. I care about what goes into my body with what I eat so I do care about what goes on top of my skin too, I do try and stick to the more natural products with essential oils and nothing too harsh.

Here is the skincare products in order of my daily routine:

  1. product11.jpegMama Mio Gorgeous Glow Facewash
    I use this face wash everyday in the shower, concentrating on my T-zone. It smells incredible, I breathe in the smell to have my mindfulness moment in the shower, I always find this is a great place to grab a few minutes to relax as it is your time. I know this will change once a baby is here so I do take advantage now. It moisturises so your face doesn’t feel tight. It is packed with coconut derived cleansers and you can feel how natural it is on your skin. It gives a nice balance to your skin and evens out skin tone using probiotics and moisturising omegas. The Tee Tree extracts help to combat blemishes that become common during pregnancy due to hormone increase.
  2. product3
    Pure Almond Oil from Miaroma from Holland and Barrett
    I started using oil from month 3 in the hope to reduce stretch marks. I heard almond oil is the best but I have recently also started using Palmers too, I guess I will find out when it may be too late! But I will keep you updated once I know.  I apply all over my belly, my breasts and my hips, I use any excess on my face. I lock it in with Mama Mio’s Tummy cream which I didn’t photograph but you can purchase here, it has vitamin C and a lovely citrus scent. I do this without fail straight after I get out of the shower.
  3. product5
    Garnier Moisture Bomb 
    During pregnancy your skin does tend to try out so it is important to make sure you are moisturising every morning and night. I tried out the new Moisture Bomb by Garnier and it really does do the trick and lasts all day. It gives a sheen with a slightly oily glow without being overly greasy. It has the typical Garnier scent but with a subtle pomegranate undertone too which is delicious. Pomegranate is full of anti-oxidents and packed with hydration for thirsty skin. It has naturally derived ingredients.
  4. product4Black Label Heavenly Eyes Regenerating Complex
     This is a great day eye cream as it instantly moisturises and gets rid of any puffiness. I love the luxury packaging with the twist pump top. The under eye cream is an essential part of the everyday routine and to find a cream which instantly and noticeably works on my dark and slightly puffy eyes is a god send. The ingredients include, Organic carrot essential oil, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A and vitamin E. You only need a pea sized amount for both eyes and it sinks into your skin feeling well…heavenly.
  5. product9
    Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt Cleanser, purchase from Look Fantastic
     At the end of the day as part of my daily routine I will always cleanse my face, it’s how my mother brought me up. As I am at home working less and being pregnant more, I don’t tend to wear a lot of make-up if any but I still like to cleanse my face from all the dirt. This cleanser feels amazing, it really does feel like a spa product. It has a gel consistency which you rub into your entire face and it melts into your skin turning into an oil, it contains a blend of oil which help to nourish the skin including tammany, crumb, peppermint and jojoba esters. Rinse off to reveal glowing, radiant skin. As I mentioned before it is important to keep your skin moisturised during pregnancy and this cleanser helps to do that.
  6. product1Espa Optimal Skin Pro Serum
    I mentioned this in my Autumn Faves Blog Post and it is on the pricey side – £49 for 100ml, you do get two testers with your purchase and I am loving the moisturiser which I may now have to purchase (so actually in the long run the free ESPA testers make you spend more money :/ ). Having said that this product is pricey, it is literally my favourite beauty product I own. I use 3-5 drops every night before bed by rubbing my hands together and patting all over my face and down to my décolletage. It is honestly like having a facial, my skin instantly appears glowing, dewey and the smell is incredible, I take a moment at my dressing table every night to breath in the smell and relax (my husband LOVES the smell of it too). The product contains echium oil and  sunflower concentrate to replenish, the lupin helps to smooth and firm and the turmeric brightens to give you that radiant glow.
  7. product10BeeFayre Lavender & Bergamot Lip balm
    Last but not least I use this organic, all natural lip balm to soothe and moisturise my lips as they do tend to get very chapped during pregnancy. This balm includes two essential oils – beeswax and Melissa oil. it is also registered on PETA cruelty free products which means it is entirely good for you and your conscience! This gives you nourished, soft, kissable lips. I apply just before bed and give Sam a big smooch. The BeeFayre shop (link in title above) is also great for gifts, they do lots of lovely smelling and natural products.

So that is my daily skincare routine, I hope you enjoyed reading and that I have helped recommend at least one more product to add to your daily routine.

Love Always,






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