Maternity Wear Style

I can finally say I am enjoying dressing my bump, mostly because it now actually looks like I am pregnant rather than just an awkwardly weird shaped belly and hips. It doesn’t help that maternity wear is limited and usually unflattering. I tried on a dress in Topshop Maternity range and could not believe it was designed for pregnant women, for starters it was short! I don’t think I would of worn it if I wasn’t pregnant.

I personally don’t think you should try and be sexy whilst pregnant, I am talking about short tight dresses with heels, I think it should be about embracing the bump not your other assets like your legs or boobs. Obviously, I do like showing a bit of cleavage at the moment because I have boobs which have come from nowhere but just making sure it is not taking away from your beautiful bump. This is only my opinion and I have seen women that have rocked short dresses or low cut tops, it just isn’t for me.

So having said there is limited supply of shops that cater for pregnant women, all hail for Jo Jo Maman Bebe and Isabella Oliver. I have heard Seraphine is also good but I haven’t brought anything from there yet.

I am 29 weeks pregnant, in my third trimester and growing every day. Here is a few outfits I have been wearing out and loving:

‘The Casual Look’
This outfit is great for when you don’t want to make any effort but just be casual and comfy, I enjoyed a lovely day in Trent Park walking Frank. The cape keeps a breeze of you but won’t keep you warm on a cold day so it’s one for a beautiful crisp spring day. The hair style went hand in hand with this look, the ‘double buns’, it looked cute but took minimal effort.

Outfit Details:

Navy Cape: purchase here from Jo Jo Maman Bebe. You can button down the neck of this but I really liked the polar neck style.

Jeans: purchase here from Topshop. These are the Jaime style, I have these non-maternity without the rips so it was nice to know that style suited me. They have a blue elastic band which is really comfy sitting on your bump. I am going to do a blog post on Maternity jeans soon as I have three pairs and I would say the band on these doesn’t feel big enough, you want to pull it over your bump more so I do feel myself pulling these up now and again.

Shoes: My trainers are not maternity and from Nike.

Sunglasses: Matte black and super reasonable! You can purchase from here, Jules B and are the Le Specs brand.

The Red Dress 

reddress4reddress3reddress2reddressThis dress is on the pricey side at £95 from Isabella Oliver and unfortunately it is sold out in red but they have a great selection of other colours, see here. This dress is great for showing off the bump as it is tight with a runched side to help it stretch to all bump sizes. As it is a t-shirt style dress with a midi length its fine to wear casually with some tights to meet a friend for lunch. I really enjoyed wearing this dress and felt radiant in it. If you have a birthday party or event coming up and want to feel good and comfortable whilst showing off your bump then this is dress for you!

The Pink Dress


Ok, firstly – please excuse the white legs, especially with the brown face! I have tanned since but my legs have been hidden away during the colder months and now are gradually sneaking out but I am having to fake tan beforehand.

This dress is another one that looks like you have made a lot of effort but is super comfy so can be worn all day. It is from ASOS maternity range and a brand called Bluebelle, purchase from here, it’s currently only £12 so Quick! Snap it up. It’s a ribbed style which is flattering and has the same runching effect to fit over all size bumps. I really liked the zip done up as it made it casual and quite edgy rather than looking glam.

The Cute Dressdenimdressface.jpg

Unfortunately I can’t direct you to the link to buy this dress as it was from Spitafields Market and was not maternity. I felt pretty and flirty in this dress and although it didn’t show off the bump as I would have liked, I felt radiant and really enjoyed wearing it. Perfect for a day out in London meeting friends.

Since I have worn these outfits my bump has again grown so I am going to be doing a blog post with more outfit inspiration soon, perhaps slightly more glam than casual.

I hope you enjoyed

Love Always,

Izzy xxx







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