My Top Maternity Jeans

Buying jeans can be a challenge already but when also having to search through the limited selection of maternity wear, it can make it even more testing. You don’t want to be spending the same amount as you would for non-maternity jeans as it is only 9 months and lets be honest it’s only actually the last few months we can make the most of our maternity clothes, so you do want value for money. I am currently 29+3 pregnant (7 months) in these photos but have been wearing all three jeans since month 5 of pregnancy.

The first jeans are from Gap Maternity Range called the Inset True Skinny (£44.95).
Gap has three types of maternity jeans: Full, Demi and Inset. The Full is complete band for over the bump, the Demi is a smaller band for just the bottom of the bump and the inset is the side panels for stretching around the bump. I went for the inset because they can be used for the beginning of maternity and grow with your bump, they can also be worn post maternity without looking like proper maternity jeans.
I would suggest going for smaller than your normal size as I went for 27 inches (size 10) and I find myself pulling them up quite a lot. I did try with a belt but I don’t feel comfortable with any restrictions on my bump.

They are great for a casual lunch or day out with flip flops but can also be dressed up with some wedges or heels (if you are comfortable wearing them whilst pregnant). You can see the side panel here:


These jeans also look great with a pretty blouse if you have a nice event you want to go to but want to wear jeans:

The second jeans are my comfiest pair from Jo Jo Maman Bebe in the Dark Wash, Super Stretch Maternity Skinny Jeans (£35)
They have a full band which goes right over the bump so you will not have to worry about pulling these jeans up at all. It’s a really light material over your bump so you almost forget it is even there. I really like that these are full length so you can wear them with boots, flat shoes, sandals or heels. Other than leggings, these are what I will grab to put on if I am popping out, walking Frank or don’t know what to wear. As they are smart you can dress them up or down and they are a really flattering fit.

My last pair of jeans I want to share with you are the Topshop Maternity Blue Rip Jamie Jeans (£42) You might of seen them in my Maternity Wear Style post.
These are the most stylish maternity jeans I own for a more casual look. I own these in non-maternity, so I knew that they would suit me. I love the rips as they are not standard maternity and have a bit of edge to them rather than just focusing on the comfort aspect which of course is important but these are also very comfy.
They have a mid band which sits below your bump, I have found they are much comfier once you have a bigger bump as the band supports the bottom and when your bump is smaller, it can tend to slip off.

My bum looks good in them too which is hard to find in maternity wear!

I have searched and tried on many different maternity jeans and styles and I found these were my top three because they ticked all the boxes in terms of comfort, style, versatility and flattering fit. I hope this helped you narrow down your search as even if I have directed you to these three stores, I think they have some of the best jean options on the market.

Love Always




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