“Trust me i’m a doctor”

Now before I start this blog post, I wanted to write a caveat that I am not in anyway slandering the NHS or doctors, I have the utmost respect for them and feel so lucky to have the NHS. Doctors have been truly amazing throughout my pregnancy and birth and yes, I had some bad experiences but that would never make me judge the whole system and amazing doctors and medical staff we have in this country. The reason for this blog is to inform people that you don’t have to take what the doctors say as gospel and to make your own opinion up. It is very old fashioned nowadays to go with exactly what the doctors say.

I have had many experiences that have angered and of course the good outweighs the bad as I have a healthy beautiful daughter but along the way it could have caused some serious mental issues for myself.

The first was when I was told my baby had an Echogenic Bowel at my 20 week scan [Read about it here] we were scurried out of the room with no information because the sonographers are not trained on this type of thing, which is just ridiculous. I had to wait a week (the longest week of my life) to go to UCL to speak to another sonographer who didn’t give us much more information. If you read my blog you would know that the findings could mean my baby would have Cystic Fibrosis or Down Syndrome, now do you think that’s something for first time (or parents in general for that matter) to scurry out on their merry way?

Secondly, jabs whilst pregnant. I visited the doctors at 39 weeks and the vaccination nurse said “have you had your whopping cough injection yet?” and I replied “no, I don’t want it but thank you” My reasons being it has only been around for 5 years (while pregnant) and my baby is still developing in the womb, it just doesn’t feel right (for me!). I turned down the Flu jab for the same reason as I have never had the flu and it wasn’t worth the risk. The nurse replies “well then, your baby could die, just so you know that”. Now, if you look at statistics, the risk are very low and only during an outbreak it skyrocketed. I am very happy to get all jabs for my baby now she is here but while pregnant we are essentially rats as it hasn’t been around long enough to know all side effects. This is my own opinion which as I said at the beginning is all I am saying we should be allowed, not to be scare mongered. Low and behold I was in the next day after a very sleepless night to get the whopping cough injection and I did tell her to not speak to pregnant woman like that as it isn’t fair.

Lastly – post pregnancy, I went to the doctors for my 8 week check up (they didn’t do a 6 week check up at my doctors which is another negative on my surgery but anyway, I won’t digress) I said to my doctor, I have started exercising as I feel I have recovered, is that ok? I told her I was doing light weigh circuits to start with and will build it up and she said, “yes that’s fine, you are obviously concerned about getting back to your old shape, just so you know – you may never loose your belly”. Now, I have always been a firm believer that doctors should be nutritionally trained and will always stand by that, even though I know that will never happen because they make far too much money in pharmaceuticals and just giving out a prescription for everything and anything but SURELY, encouraging healthy eating and exercising should be the forefront of a doctors mind if they are going to dish out prescriptions? I was so shocked and not because I thought ‘oh no, I will never loose my belly’ (I didn’t have a 6 pack before so I am pretty happy with where I am) but because by saying that to  patients is 1. going to make people not bother eating well and exercising because whats the motivation? and 2. if you are not eating well and exercising and being told you will always have a belly and never look like yourself again – this could lead to postnatal depression.

I could list out a few more experiences but my point is, please don’t take what the doctors say as gospel. Take medication if you truly need it and read up the side effects and if the positives outweigh the negatives I.e. your condition is bad enough over the side effects. For example, I had piles (very common after pregnancy) and was given a prescription for some drugs to help heal, I didn’t think it was severe enough to take whilst breastfeeding (even though the doctor did say it was fine to) so I ate more fibre like fruit and healed it myself. My advice would always be to look at your diet first before accepting medication.

I hope this post is not too negative and as I said at the beginning, I have had some wonderful experiences, for example I owe the doctors at Barnet hospital my daughters life but for new mums to be or just parents in general, it can sometimes be daunting and scary being told certain things that will scare monger and with no previous experience, it can leave you feeling very down. Speak out to people, friend, family and support groups to gain more insight on things you are unsure of… don’t alway trust the doctor.


Love Always














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