Best buys I have discovered for a new baby

Being one of the first of my friends to have a baby was so special as they all felt like they were pregnant and having a baby too and Sophia has lots of wonderful auntys and uncles surrounding her as she grows up. My baby shower was spectacular and full of the most beautiful and unique gifts.

My nursery was decorated in neutral shades and beautiful toys with a gorgeous star feature wall that I did myself  (see here)


Babies/children do not like neutral, beautiful decor with wooden toys and trendy lights they like BIG UGLY PLASTIC COLOURFUL toys and walls to stimulate baby sensory. I don’t regret doing my nursery the way I did as I did it for Sophia and it is her room and now can be filled with the stuff she wants and enjoys.

I found the below to be savers in different situations, they are mostly inexpensive and when they are a little pricey they are well worth it. I highly recommend all the below for the first few months of life.

  1. Sleepyhead and Snuzpod *warning: controversial sleepyhead.jpg
    (Sophia fills the majority of it now at 17 weeks, she was about 2 weeks in the photo. You can unclip the bottom for more space)
    This may be very obvious for many and there are different variations. Now, I know this has had some press about the deaths in the USA but I have had lots and lots of friends that have used/are using the sleepyhead or even other sleep positions. The SleepyHead has not been wiped from shops and obviously I can’t tell you it is 100% safe so it is up to you whether you use it but all I can say is it has done us wonders. We can move it around easily, its comfortable for Sophia and it will help when we finally move her into her cot as the SleepyHead will be consistent.
    (Buy from John Lewis for £120)
    We keep the sleepyhead in her Snuzpod – The Snuzpod encourages co-sleeping safely as it joins on to the bed and has a zip down cover to check/see or take them out into your bed. The zip down also protects from the cover going over them.
    (Buy the Snuzpod here they are not cheap at £199.95! We got ours very luckily as a lend from a friend but we would have bought it anyway and will for the next baby!)
  2. Tiny Love Take Along Mobile
    pink mobile
    This mobile works great because it detaches from the stick and becomes a clip on which easily attaches to the carry cot or car seat. This worked for some girls in my NCT group whose babies hated the car seat or travelling in the car, luckily Sophia doesn’t have a problem with that at all. I used this mostly for when we went to a restaurant/coffee shop and she was in the carry cot and I wanted to settle her down to sleep. She falls asleep with motion easily. I only used it when she needed to nap as I don’t like to ignore her and let her be by herself for too long. It makes lovely baby music and turns around, its so soothing it could put me to sleep sometimes. It can also be used for nighttimes over the cot but again we were very lucky in that Sophia doesn’t have a problem going to sleep at night.
    (You can buy from Precious Little One for £20.99)
  3. Lamaze Knot Toy

    This is great for when babies start to grab, Sophia started at around 12 weeks and she can still only grab thin hoops (she is currently 17 weeks) this was great because not only did it have thing hoops and her shapes for her to suck which were easy to clean it also has a rattle, squeaky toy, a mirror and other bits to tug and feel. I connect it on to her gym mat which is listed below or onto her pram to entertain her while out.
    (I brought mine from Amazon for under a tenner!)

  4. Milton Dummy Steriliser

    This is a life saver for two reasons – 1) it helps you to keep your dummies in a safe place so you won’t loose them. 2) keeps your dummies clean wherever they fall – panic over.

    You put the Milton tablet in cold water at the bottom, place the sponges on top, shake any excess water out, put the dummy in, twist it around a couple of times and voila! one in the mouth and one in the steriliser. easy.
    (Another Amazon order for under a tenner, make sure you get extra tablets too though)

  5.  Mamas and Papas Gym Matdscf2555.jpgThis is an essential for play time when they are newborns and through the first few months. At first (to be honest) it is just a comfy place for them to lie down but as they gain more and more awareness it becomes the perfect play mat. It has a mirror and 4 danglers, I sometimes add on the knot toy and she can lie on it for over an hour and she has only ever fallen asleep on it once so it is very stimulating but also allows you to do bits and pieces without watching her like a hawk (until they start rolling that is!) The Octopus legs make crunchy sounds or squeak too.
    (Try and get a discount on a parent day or ask for a consultant at Mamas and Papas)
  6. Tummy time Mat

    Sophia hates being on her tummy, the midwifes suggest 10 minutes a day but she wasn’t getting close to that. This mat helps her to go on her tummy while being entertained. It makes me feel like a better mother as tummy time is so important to strengthen their core.
    (Buy from Argos for £21.99)

  7. Nappy Bin

    As we live in a two bedroom flat all on one floor we thought we could take the nappies to the bin each time, we quickly learnt anything to make your life easier. This contains the smell and holds loads of nappies until you have to empty it. Really easy too. it comes out as a big sausage…mmm.
    (Its £10 on Amazon at the moment so snap it up)

  8. Changing bag

    Not only was this bag really reasonable but it is amazing and I always feel like I have everything, I am super organised and have my hands free if Sophia is in the sling (which will be in my travelling with a baby post). It has compartments for nappies, bottles, wipes etc… it comes with a changing mat and has loads of space for everything else. The front pocket can be used for quick grabs, I put hand sanitiser hand cream, Dr Paw Paw ( if you don’t have it, get it) and usually my house/car keys too.  Even now I shove a load of muslins in, I still manage to find everything.
    This bag could have gone in fashion and travel because it just has everything – style and practicality which is what you look for as a new mummy.
    (Bella Baby Changing Bag Mamas and Papas £31.20)

These are things I use every day and in situations where she has got a little grizzly or just every day things that made life easier. There are other hacks for travelling and teething which I will also blog about.

Love Always,

Izzy xxx




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