Kit & Kin Bath time Review

**Disclaimer: before I start my review I want to say that although I am given free products I would never be dishonest or say something I didn’t believe in.

when I think of luxury bath time it includes sensual, aromatic, relaxing smells and oils in a dimly lit room and candles flickering as I slide into a hot bubble bath and pretend I am in my own private Spa. So it’s no wonder when out shopping the products that grab my attention are labelled ‘relaxing’ ‘natural’ ‘organic’ but is that all they are? a label. I try to only go for 100% natural and organic products so my body doesn’t harden to chemicals but so that the oils/exfoliant/moisturiser sinks into my pores and corrects any blemishes from deep within rather than giving it an ‘appearance’. Did you know chemicals in some body products can go inside our bodies and sit there for months and sometimes even years which impacts on our immune system?

Yet, we lather ourselves in sprays/tanning creams/butter creams/moisturisers without knowing exactly what is in them or just going for the bottle that says ‘natural’. I can’t deny that I usually am swayed by a pretty label and enticing words with good marketing.

BUT when we think of our babies soft, delicate, not yet completely developed skin which hasn’t even been open to UV rays and sunlight all that much and then think about the harmful chemicals sinking into their skin and into their tiny bodies…well then, that is worth ensuring it is not just a good marketing campaign with fluffy labels.

Are you thinking “but surely, the companies with well-known/leading brands with the lovely happy adverts wouldn’t make products which would do any harm to little innocent babies?” because if you are, you’re wrong! They do. Just take a look at the ingredients on the back of Pampers wipes (or most wipes other than water wipes for that matter)  – do you know what all the ingredients are? Try wiping a clean floor or surface with a wipe, watch the dirt it lifts – now do you want to put that harsh wipe on the skin of your baby? (Tip: I got a load of free pampers wipes and use them for cleaning the bathroom!)

I know this is a lot of prior information to take in before a review on bath time products but I needed to give context as to why it is so important when choosing products for your baby. You shouldn’t be labelled an ‘earth mum’ just because you care about what goes on and in your baby.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Kit & Kin is founded by Emma Bunton (yes the former spice girl) and TV, Radio presenter and UNICEF ambassador – Christopher Money. Emma, a mother who struggled to find products for her child who suffered with eczema without chemicals (there really is only a handful) and Christopher, who supports an organisation for babies in danger and has over 15 years experience with developing products for mother and baby. This had my ears pricked and I was eager to learn more and try out their products.

Firstly I looked at the back of the bottles and there was A LOT of ingredients, mostly fruit extracts which I find quite odd really because why do you need so many? There was still a lot of things I didn’t know what they were and why? There is enough natural products to choose. Maybe for a nice scent without using parfum? Nope, no scent at all.

The products were gentle and even though babies have soft, subtle skin you could tell it was nourishing but was this just on top?

The packaging however, is rather delightful, I love the clean freshness with the flower designs. It is elegant and simple.

These products are 99% natural which is a lot better than a lot of the products on the market and they are also environmentally and animal friendly. It does make me wonder if this just a marketing ploy using big names to sell which annoys me as why not just use lavender and natural oils instead of fruit extracts and stuff we don’t know and use your name for awareness of your product?

As I said at the beginning I am honest and wouldn’t put anything on my babies body I didn’t want to but I won’t be continuing to use this product unfortunately as I think you can do better.

The bubble bath and the hair and body was both £7.99 for 250ml which I think is very affordable for a good amount.

Kit and Kin do other skincare products and environmentally friendly nappies. For every 10 nappy subscriptions they will purchase 1 acre of rainforest through the World Land Trust. Take a look at their website here. I haven’t tried out the nappies yet but I think that’s what this company should focus on and not products for babies.

I would love to hear what you think and if you think I have been too harsh?

Love always,

Izzy (MIM) xxx


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset




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