Winter Warmers for Our Little ‘uns

There is something so magical about winter in London. When living in Australia, it was the one thing I missed. You would think sat by a pool with a glass of wine would suffice but actually I wanted the frosty outdoors, crunchy leaves, the winter markets or cosy-ing up indoors with big fluffy blankets and warm drinks. It’s family time and I think the winter brings you all together more than sunbathing by a pool. Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of winter sun but would always prefer a winter Christmas.

The only way to make sure you get out the house as much as possible and enjoy the outdoors is by wrapping up warm! I have my hat, gloves, scarf, thick socks which I can easily grab before leaving the house but the main priority these days is my little bubba.

Under all the below pram suits, I dress Sophia in a long sleeve baby grow, tights (these also are great as socks always fall off her) and leggings. I sometimes also add an extra top if it is really cold.

My 3 Pram Suits are:

Boots Little Treasures Pram Suit – £20 (currently £15)

As Sophia is very petite and the winter outfits are very big and thick we were luckily given a hand me down from a friend whose daughter is 2 days older than Sophia but has already grown out of her outfit. It fits Sophia like a glove so will probably only fit her for another couple of weeks or so. It was from Boots RRP is £20 although it is on offer for £15 at the moment. Despite the face in the first image, she loves it and is snug as a bug in a rug. I sometimes put a hat on underneath to make sure her ears and head are covered properly if it is very bitter out. Her feet are nicely padded and warm, however it doesn’t cover the hands or have mittens attached, luckily Sophia’s hands don’t reach the end of the sleeve so stay warm as mittens just fall off her! It has popper buttons both sides from the top to the feet so very easy to put on which is great if you are in a rush! If you want your baby looking like a cute little bear, purchase here.


Lucy and Sam Girls Snow Suit £40 (currently £25!)

This was a gift from Nanny Vee (my mother in law) and is SO gorgeous, not only is it beautiful but it is lovely and thick with a pretty inner lining, it also has boots and mittens attached which is so practical. Unfortunately this doesn’t yet fit Sophia but when we come back from Australia (mid Feb) she will need something warm so this will be perfect. Buy the suit here. A great site for gifts too! have a browse.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Animal Hooded Pramsuit from Pat Pat £49.57 (currently £26.33!)

I was a little dubious about this site as it does look like a scam and everything is very reasonable for how trendy, unique and good quality it looks, so this was a bit of a trial run. Well, I was beyond surprised and delighted with what came through the post. It did however take 3 weeks to arrive and beware, that it says 2-3 days delivery but it takes a couple of weeks to process your order and get shipped and then delivery starts.
The suit is so thick and warm inside, it has a fleecy interior that feels so soft. It has a really cute design with embossed like alphabet letters all over the front and a lovely printed inner lining again. It has an easy zip to get her in and out. The only issue it doesn’t come with covered hands or feet but i put tights on her underneath and the suit actually keeps her warm enough. It’s another one for her to grow into so her hands stay inside at the moment too. They have tons of other ridiculously cute and cool designs but you can purchase this one here.

I hope you enjoyed and found it useful.

Love Always,



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