Kokoso Baby Skincare – Brand review

When I was travelling in Vietnam there was an island we visited where all they consumed was coconuts – coconut bread, coconut soup, coconut cakes, coconut sweets..etc. They even said there was a coconut religion. I honestly think I could have quite happily lived there happily ever after. I LOVE coconut, its one of my favourite things in life.. when I see anything with coconut on a menu or in beauty products I tend to be drawn towards it.

So when Kokoso sent their coconutty, 100% natural products I was very excited. This has now fast become my favourite brand for Sophia and will be a regular purchase. We were sent the coconut oil and bath hair and body wash. I personally love the fragrance of coconut on Sophia and it is still gentle enough for her newborn smell to shine through, but they do offer a fragrance free version if you’re not keen on it.

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The oil is literally just coconut oil which is packed full of nutrients and you know it is not processed in any way so it is clean for your babies gentle skin. I use it every other day on her head and it has helped her cradle cap to disappear and I use it occasionally on her bottom if it look a bit dry. The oil melts instantly and is absorbed by the skin to nourish and hydrate the skin, it works wonders and there is honestly nothing better in my opinion.

The hair and body wash is just as gentle, nourishing and the best bit it is 100% natural so as good as nature intended. It has a light creamy texture which (just like the oil) absorbs into the skin and hydrates and leaves it nice and soft but not a strong scent (as I said before, you can buy the fragrance free version) and it is not too creamy where it adds an extra layer. It is perfect for the winter and when the skin gets dry. Sophia had slightly dry bits on her legs and the wash followed by the oil after got rid of it quickly and she was back to her lovely soft skin again.

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It is so hard to find products with no nasties or with loads of ingredients you have no idea what they are or even why they are supposed to be good, this is a nice, simple product. I use coconut oil to cook and I use it on my own body and I know it has nothing else in it. If there is a product I am happy to eat then I will be happy to put on my babies skin.

I can’t tell you how much I love this product and I would be happy to recommend this to all mums as I know it is a fully natural product. This is a new product which will be a firm favourite on my shelf going forward.

Purchase here.

Love Always
Izzy xxx


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