Glam Jan.

Ok despite the title, I am not one of those insta mums that looks like I wear make-up and have a pristine outfit that is vomit and poo free everyday, five days out of seven you will find me in my leggings, trainers and a jumper. Sam even said to me you need to wear something other than your Nike leggings as people will think that’s all you own… so I went out and brought another pair of active leggings…as you do. I do capture the majority of the days I have made myself decent but as we all know Instagram is never completely as it seems.

I do think every mum should find the time to wash their hair, put make-up on. You can do it, even if it is when your baby naps in the morning for 20 mins or bring the walker near the bathroom and leave the door open, it’s the little luxuries which make you feel a million dollars, so make sure you do it because you are worth it and although our lives our consumed by our little bundle of joys – don’t forget YOU.

On the weekends if we have plans, I get a bit more time to put on some make up and choose an outfit which I don’t wear everyday. I hate that outfits get deemed ‘not mum appropriate’ what IS mum appropriate? because I have had a baby I am now forever put into a box where I must conform to a certain ‘type’ of mum and if I do wear anything else that isn’t completely practical and stands out, I am deemed a ‘cool mum’ (and not in a good way.. of course). RUBBISH. I haven’t changed, well , actually my style has changed but not completely into a typical ‘mum style’ I like what I like. of course, I am more ‘practical’ in clothes and choose outfits that I can move in but there is so much choice of stylish clothes which fit this requirement… in fact wearing heels is actually quite outdated these days. It’s all about the flats.

So on the days I do get ‘glammed up’ I wear leather leggings, knee high suede boots and a gilet.. not exactly what I would call a ‘typical’ mum style. It’s a great outfit as the leggings are elasticated and movable and the boots have a low flat heel so you can get up and move around with baby without your feet getting too tired. So, although it looks glam it actually is ‘mum appropriate’

fur leather_125

I wore a cropped jumper underneath and of course had my trusty Mamas and Papas changing bag with me (see more in my post here).
Outfit details:
Gilet: TK Maxx
Jumper: Pretty Little Thing
Trousers: Pretty Little Thing
Boots: Kate Kuba


If you feel the faux leather leggings may be too much for you, try the boots with some black jeans and a jumper for a more casual glam look like below.
Outfit details:
Jeans: Missguided
Jumper: Pretty Little Thing

theartre outfit

On days where I am walking a bit more, maybe not going to a restaurant or pub for lunch but shopping in town I would wear my chunky ankle boots, jeans and a white shirt. You can never go wrong with a white shirt and jeans combo. Also, this jacket is perfect for a smart look for the winter.

Outfit Details:
Coat: Reiss
Shirt: MissGuided (old)
Jeans: In the Style
Boots: Office concession in Topshop

And yes mummy police, she is low down but when she was smaller and lighter when this photo was taken it was more comfortable for both of us.

This outfit was for Christmas eve so it was very festive but it is gorgeous so maybe with a nude lip it can be worn for a night out. I felt so good in this outfit AND the top is perfect for breastfeeding as you can imagine, what a winner!

Outfit details:
Top: Pretty Little Thing
Trousers: Missguided (white straight leg flared trousers)

Sophia approved!

Finally, lets talk shoes. I do a lot of walking and going to different places so I want comfy shoes but that look nice and when I shove on my leggings and a jumper the shoes can make my outfit look less dowdy. So my shoe choices at the moment are:

Rose Gold trainers from a new website I have found which is great. These ones are sold out however they do have a studded version on sale for only £18! Click here.


These snakeskin slip ons are great for when you are running out the house, they literally just slip-on, so comfy and good for walking too. Find them here from Office for £22.


That’s it for my Glam Jan. Who knows I might think I am glam and trendy and in reality I really am the ‘cool mum’ who will embarrass Sophia. The most important thing is that I feel good though! Sorry Sophia.

Love Always,



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