Glam Jan.

Ok despite the title, I am not one of those insta mums that looks like I wear make-up and have a pristine outfit that is vomit and poo free everyday, five days out of seven you will find me in my leggings, trainers and a jumper. Sam even said to me you need to wear something other than your Nike leggings as people will think that’s all you own… so I went out and brought another pair of active leggings…as you do. I do capture the majority of the days I have made myself decent but as we all know Instagram is never completely as it seems.

I do think every mum should find the time to wash their hair, put make-up on. You can do it, even if it is when your baby naps in the morning for 20 mins or bring the walker near the bathroom and leave the door open, it’s the little luxuries which make you feel a million dollars, so make sure you do it because you are worth it and although our lives our consumed by our little bundle of joys – don’t forget YOU.

On the weekends if we have plans, I get a bit more time to put on some make up and choose an outfit which I don’t wear everyday. I hate that outfits get deemed ‘not mum appropriate’ what IS mum appropriate? because I have had a baby I am now forever put into a box where I must conform to a certain ‘type’ of mum and if I do wear anything else that isn’t completely practical and stands out, I am deemed a ‘cool mum’ (and not in a good way.. of course). RUBBISH. I haven’t changed, well , actually my style has changed but not completely into a typical ‘mum style’ I like what I like. of course, I am more ‘practical’ in clothes and choose outfits that I can move in but there is so much choice of stylish clothes which fit this requirement… in fact wearing heels is actually quite outdated these days. It’s all about the flats.

So on the days I do get ‘glammed up’ I wear leather leggings, knee high suede boots and a gilet.. not exactly what I would call a ‘typical’ mum style. It’s a great outfit as the leggings are elasticated and movable and the boots have a low flat heel so you can get up and move around with baby without your feet getting too tired. So, although it looks glam it actually is ‘mum appropriate’

fur leather_125

I wore a cropped jumper underneath and of course had my trusty Mamas and Papas changing bag with me (see more in my post here).
Outfit details:
Gilet: TK Maxx
Jumper: Pretty Little Thing
Trousers: Pretty Little Thing
Boots: Kate Kuba


If you feel the faux leather leggings may be too much for you, try the boots with some black jeans and a jumper for a more casual glam look like below.
Outfit details:
Jeans: Missguided
Jumper: Pretty Little Thing

theartre outfit

On days where I am walking a bit more, maybe not going to a restaurant or pub for lunch but shopping in town I would wear my chunky ankle boots, jeans and a white shirt. You can never go wrong with a white shirt and jeans combo. Also, this jacket is perfect for a smart look for the winter.

Outfit Details:
Coat: Reiss
Shirt: MissGuided (old)
Jeans: In the Style
Boots: Office concession in Topshop

And yes mummy police, she is low down but when she was smaller and lighter when this photo was taken it was more comfortable for both of us.

This outfit was for Christmas eve so it was very festive but it is gorgeous so maybe with a nude lip it can be worn for a night out. I felt so good in this outfit AND the top is perfect for breastfeeding as you can imagine, what a winner!

Outfit details:
Top: Pretty Little Thing
Trousers: Missguided (white straight leg flared trousers)

Sophia approved!

Finally, lets talk shoes. I do a lot of walking and going to different places so I want comfy shoes but that look nice and when I shove on my leggings and a jumper the shoes can make my outfit look less dowdy. So my shoe choices at the moment are:

Rose Gold trainers from a new website I have found which is great. These ones are sold out however they do have a studded version on sale for only £18! Click here.


These snakeskin slip ons are great for when you are running out the house, they literally just slip-on, so comfy and good for walking too. Find them here from Office for £22.


That’s it for my Glam Jan. Who knows I might think I am glam and trendy and in reality I really am the ‘cool mum’ who will embarrass Sophia. The most important thing is that I feel good though! Sorry Sophia.

Love Always,


Kokoso Baby Skincare – Brand review

When I was travelling in Vietnam there was an island we visited where all they consumed was coconuts – coconut bread, coconut soup, coconut cakes, coconut sweets..etc. They even said there was a coconut religion. I honestly think I could have quite happily lived there happily ever after. I LOVE coconut, its one of my favourite things in life.. when I see anything with coconut on a menu or in beauty products I tend to be drawn towards it.

So when Kokoso sent their coconutty, 100% natural products I was very excited. This has now fast become my favourite brand for Sophia and will be a regular purchase. We were sent the coconut oil and bath hair and body wash. I personally love the fragrance of coconut on Sophia and it is still gentle enough for her newborn smell to shine through, but they do offer a fragrance free version if you’re not keen on it.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The oil is literally just coconut oil which is packed full of nutrients and you know it is not processed in any way so it is clean for your babies gentle skin. I use it every other day on her head and it has helped her cradle cap to disappear and I use it occasionally on her bottom if it look a bit dry. The oil melts instantly and is absorbed by the skin to nourish and hydrate the skin, it works wonders and there is honestly nothing better in my opinion.

The hair and body wash is just as gentle, nourishing and the best bit it is 100% natural so as good as nature intended. It has a light creamy texture which (just like the oil) absorbs into the skin and hydrates and leaves it nice and soft but not a strong scent (as I said before, you can buy the fragrance free version) and it is not too creamy where it adds an extra layer. It is perfect for the winter and when the skin gets dry. Sophia had slightly dry bits on her legs and the wash followed by the oil after got rid of it quickly and she was back to her lovely soft skin again.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

It is so hard to find products with no nasties or with loads of ingredients you have no idea what they are or even why they are supposed to be good, this is a nice, simple product. I use coconut oil to cook and I use it on my own body and I know it has nothing else in it. If there is a product I am happy to eat then I will be happy to put on my babies skin.

I can’t tell you how much I love this product and I would be happy to recommend this to all mums as I know it is a fully natural product. This is a new product which will be a firm favourite on my shelf going forward.

Purchase here.

Love Always
Izzy xxx

Winter Warmers for Our Little ‘uns

There is something so magical about winter in London. When living in Australia, it was the one thing I missed. You would think sat by a pool with a glass of wine would suffice but actually I wanted the frosty outdoors, crunchy leaves, the winter markets or cosy-ing up indoors with big fluffy blankets and warm drinks. It’s family time and I think the winter brings you all together more than sunbathing by a pool. Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of winter sun but would always prefer a winter Christmas.

The only way to make sure you get out the house as much as possible and enjoy the outdoors is by wrapping up warm! I have my hat, gloves, scarf, thick socks which I can easily grab before leaving the house but the main priority these days is my little bubba.

Under all the below pram suits, I dress Sophia in a long sleeve baby grow, tights (these also are great as socks always fall off her) and leggings. I sometimes also add an extra top if it is really cold.

My 3 Pram Suits are:

Boots Little Treasures Pram Suit – £20 (currently £15)

As Sophia is very petite and the winter outfits are very big and thick we were luckily given a hand me down from a friend whose daughter is 2 days older than Sophia but has already grown out of her outfit. It fits Sophia like a glove so will probably only fit her for another couple of weeks or so. It was from Boots RRP is £20 although it is on offer for £15 at the moment. Despite the face in the first image, she loves it and is snug as a bug in a rug. I sometimes put a hat on underneath to make sure her ears and head are covered properly if it is very bitter out. Her feet are nicely padded and warm, however it doesn’t cover the hands or have mittens attached, luckily Sophia’s hands don’t reach the end of the sleeve so stay warm as mittens just fall off her! It has popper buttons both sides from the top to the feet so very easy to put on which is great if you are in a rush! If you want your baby looking like a cute little bear, purchase here.


Lucy and Sam Girls Snow Suit £40 (currently £25!)

This was a gift from Nanny Vee (my mother in law) and is SO gorgeous, not only is it beautiful but it is lovely and thick with a pretty inner lining, it also has boots and mittens attached which is so practical. Unfortunately this doesn’t yet fit Sophia but when we come back from Australia (mid Feb) she will need something warm so this will be perfect. Buy the suit here. A great site for gifts too! have a browse.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Animal Hooded Pramsuit from Pat Pat £49.57 (currently £26.33!)

I was a little dubious about this site as it does look like a scam and everything is very reasonable for how trendy, unique and good quality it looks, so this was a bit of a trial run. Well, I was beyond surprised and delighted with what came through the post. It did however take 3 weeks to arrive and beware, that it says 2-3 days delivery but it takes a couple of weeks to process your order and get shipped and then delivery starts.
The suit is so thick and warm inside, it has a fleecy interior that feels so soft. It has a really cute design with embossed like alphabet letters all over the front and a lovely printed inner lining again. It has an easy zip to get her in and out. The only issue it doesn’t come with covered hands or feet but i put tights on her underneath and the suit actually keeps her warm enough. It’s another one for her to grow into so her hands stay inside at the moment too. They have tons of other ridiculously cute and cool designs but you can purchase this one here.

I hope you enjoyed and found it useful.

Love Always,


My Baby Shower

I have this joke where I call my friends Beyonce’s, the reason being is because they are all glamorous, empowering women with ambition that drives you to want to do better, they all believe in confidence in beauty and body image and we all give each other that boost of confidence we need and deserve. They believe in getting the most out of life and just basically are all round Beyonce’s in my eyes. None of my friends would say anything to bring the other down, they help me to milk my moments and I am so grateful to have such a strong amazing circle of friends.

It’s so special to have all my closest friends and family in one room and as I have grown up I have brought people into my life that I think are meant to be there forever and are so special to me. As I looked around the room at my nearest and dearest and they really are all so special to me, every single one, I think to myself how well I have done in choosing my close circuit as I have the best humans on the planet in one room. The girls organised a fabulous baby shower full of Instragrammable (this word needs to be put into the English dictionary already!) decorations and fun games which was a day full of  laughter and happiness. It truly was perfect.

A picture paints a thousand words as they say, so let me show you what I mean. Firstly the Instagrammable decorations:

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

instagrammable 2instagrammable 3instagrammable 4instgrammable

The fabulous cake was from Anges de Sucre who do THE most amazing cakes for all occasions and yes if you haven’t guessed already we are calling her Sophia :).

Secondly, the games, laughter, happiness and pure fun we had on the day:

gamesMy baby shower was held at my local pub – The Kings Head, a beautiful gastro pub with the most delicious food and a great atmosphere. Ticked all the boxes and it delivered with such a great venue. The service was a little slow but to be honest I much preferred that than to being rushed.

baby shower 20

I chose the chicken burger with skinny fries, it was so so good. The happiest you will find me is with food in front of me.

Now for the glam completed by my Beyonce’s:

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetbaby shower16Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Baby Lottie with Emma, the most chilled baby ever!

baby shower baby

My sister and I – the best bump buddies and due within a week of each other!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

From left to right: my aunty Sally (she is not to keen on being called Great aunt Sally, doesn’t sound the sexiest), my mother – Grandma Babs to-be, me (obviously) and my Mother in Law – Grandma Vee to-be.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

What I really loved is that the boys (husbands and partners) were in the pub area around the corner so they were able to be involved in some way. Sam’s thoughts were they would drink beer and watch the footy but it made me laugh as the footy wasn’t on and they looked after all the dogs as the restaurant area (where we were) is not dog friendly. They also got given the babies if things got too much so basically ended up baby sitting duties while we had all the fun.

This is my dad with my sisters dog, Oscar and obviously me and Sam very proud that we have made a baby together.

babyshower daddy

My comical uncle Ben with our Frank, the two of them get on so well together, best of buddies.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Finally, the gifts Sophia has been showered with, she is already a spoilt little princess. The day was beyond special and I am sure you can see how much I enjoyed it in these photos:


baby shower 15Processed with VSCO with f2 presetbaby shower laughter 2baby shower laughter

My dress was from ASOS maternity, unfortuently this style is now sold out but the range on ASOS is so vast and is my favourite for styles, click here to browse. My hair was done by Winchmores Hair and beauty:

If you would like any more information on the baby shower details, please comment below. This was already a long post so happy to go into more detail on anything you wanted to know.

Love Always

Izzy x

My Top Maternity Jeans

Buying jeans can be a challenge already but when also having to search through the limited selection of maternity wear, it can make it even more testing. You don’t want to be spending the same amount as you would for non-maternity jeans as it is only 9 months and lets be honest it’s only actually the last few months we can make the most of our maternity clothes, so you do want value for money. I am currently 29+3 pregnant (7 months) in these photos but have been wearing all three jeans since month 5 of pregnancy.

The first jeans are from Gap Maternity Range called the Inset True Skinny (£44.95).
Gap has three types of maternity jeans: Full, Demi and Inset. The Full is complete band for over the bump, the Demi is a smaller band for just the bottom of the bump and the inset is the side panels for stretching around the bump. I went for the inset because they can be used for the beginning of maternity and grow with your bump, they can also be worn post maternity without looking like proper maternity jeans.
I would suggest going for smaller than your normal size as I went for 27 inches (size 10) and I find myself pulling them up quite a lot. I did try with a belt but I don’t feel comfortable with any restrictions on my bump.

They are great for a casual lunch or day out with flip flops but can also be dressed up with some wedges or heels (if you are comfortable wearing them whilst pregnant). You can see the side panel here:


These jeans also look great with a pretty blouse if you have a nice event you want to go to but want to wear jeans:

The second jeans are my comfiest pair from Jo Jo Maman Bebe in the Dark Wash, Super Stretch Maternity Skinny Jeans (£35)
They have a full band which goes right over the bump so you will not have to worry about pulling these jeans up at all. It’s a really light material over your bump so you almost forget it is even there. I really like that these are full length so you can wear them with boots, flat shoes, sandals or heels. Other than leggings, these are what I will grab to put on if I am popping out, walking Frank or don’t know what to wear. As they are smart you can dress them up or down and they are a really flattering fit.

My last pair of jeans I want to share with you are the Topshop Maternity Blue Rip Jamie Jeans (£42) You might of seen them in my Maternity Wear Style post.
These are the most stylish maternity jeans I own for a more casual look. I own these in non-maternity, so I knew that they would suit me. I love the rips as they are not standard maternity and have a bit of edge to them rather than just focusing on the comfort aspect which of course is important but these are also very comfy.
They have a mid band which sits below your bump, I have found they are much comfier once you have a bigger bump as the band supports the bottom and when your bump is smaller, it can tend to slip off.

My bum looks good in them too which is hard to find in maternity wear!

I have searched and tried on many different maternity jeans and styles and I found these were my top three because they ticked all the boxes in terms of comfort, style, versatility and flattering fit. I hope this helped you narrow down your search as even if I have directed you to these three stores, I think they have some of the best jean options on the market.

Love Always



Maternity Wear Style

I can finally say I am enjoying dressing my bump, mostly because it now actually looks like I am pregnant rather than just an awkwardly weird shaped belly and hips. It doesn’t help that maternity wear is limited and usually unflattering. I tried on a dress in Topshop Maternity range and could not believe it was designed for pregnant women, for starters it was short! I don’t think I would of worn it if I wasn’t pregnant.

I personally don’t think you should try and be sexy whilst pregnant, I am talking about short tight dresses with heels, I think it should be about embracing the bump not your other assets like your legs or boobs. Obviously, I do like showing a bit of cleavage at the moment because I have boobs which have come from nowhere but just making sure it is not taking away from your beautiful bump. This is only my opinion and I have seen women that have rocked short dresses or low cut tops, it just isn’t for me.

So having said there is limited supply of shops that cater for pregnant women, all hail for Jo Jo Maman Bebe and Isabella Oliver. I have heard Seraphine is also good but I haven’t brought anything from there yet.

I am 29 weeks pregnant, in my third trimester and growing every day. Here is a few outfits I have been wearing out and loving:

‘The Casual Look’
This outfit is great for when you don’t want to make any effort but just be casual and comfy, I enjoyed a lovely day in Trent Park walking Frank. The cape keeps a breeze of you but won’t keep you warm on a cold day so it’s one for a beautiful crisp spring day. The hair style went hand in hand with this look, the ‘double buns’, it looked cute but took minimal effort.

Outfit Details:

Navy Cape: purchase here from Jo Jo Maman Bebe. You can button down the neck of this but I really liked the polar neck style.

Jeans: purchase here from Topshop. These are the Jaime style, I have these non-maternity without the rips so it was nice to know that style suited me. They have a blue elastic band which is really comfy sitting on your bump. I am going to do a blog post on Maternity jeans soon as I have three pairs and I would say the band on these doesn’t feel big enough, you want to pull it over your bump more so I do feel myself pulling these up now and again.

Shoes: My trainers are not maternity and from Nike.

Sunglasses: Matte black and super reasonable! You can purchase from here, Jules B and are the Le Specs brand.

The Red Dress 

reddress4reddress3reddress2reddressThis dress is on the pricey side at £95 from Isabella Oliver and unfortunately it is sold out in red but they have a great selection of other colours, see here. This dress is great for showing off the bump as it is tight with a runched side to help it stretch to all bump sizes. As it is a t-shirt style dress with a midi length its fine to wear casually with some tights to meet a friend for lunch. I really enjoyed wearing this dress and felt radiant in it. If you have a birthday party or event coming up and want to feel good and comfortable whilst showing off your bump then this is dress for you!

The Pink Dress


Ok, firstly – please excuse the white legs, especially with the brown face! I have tanned since but my legs have been hidden away during the colder months and now are gradually sneaking out but I am having to fake tan beforehand.

This dress is another one that looks like you have made a lot of effort but is super comfy so can be worn all day. It is from ASOS maternity range and a brand called Bluebelle, purchase from here, it’s currently only £12 so Quick! Snap it up. It’s a ribbed style which is flattering and has the same runching effect to fit over all size bumps. I really liked the zip done up as it made it casual and quite edgy rather than looking glam.

The Cute Dressdenimdressface.jpg

Unfortunately I can’t direct you to the link to buy this dress as it was from Spitafields Market and was not maternity. I felt pretty and flirty in this dress and although it didn’t show off the bump as I would have liked, I felt radiant and really enjoyed wearing it. Perfect for a day out in London meeting friends.

Since I have worn these outfits my bump has again grown so I am going to be doing a blog post with more outfit inspiration soon, perhaps slightly more glam than casual.

I hope you enjoyed

Love Always,

Izzy xxx






Autumnal Style

There is no doubt Autumn in England is beautiful but it isn’t a throw-on-a-blouse-and-leave type of weather. It’s a thought process of warmth, style, comfort and watertight.

Ok.. so a furry gilet is not the watertight outfit you probably had in mind but I always have an umbrella in my bag and shoes to take on any puddles (should I accidentally step in one) and you have to look glamorous whatever the season throws at you! Hat, thick socks and a gilet is the ultimate Autumn outfit to keep warm whilst looking glam.


autumn-2autumn-3autumn-4autumn 5.jpg

Outfit Details:
Jeans: Topshop MOTO mid blue ‘Jamie’: click here
Floppy Hat: Boohoo: click here
Boots: Office, sold out similar here: click here
Gilet: A hunt in TK Maxx I am afraid but lots of lovely ones in there and this one was £39.99.
Long sleeve turtle neck bodysuit: Missguided, sold out similar here: click here

Bag and watch both Michael Kors.